All songs copyrighted by Christopher and Maria Clymer Kurtz

Arms Uncrossed
(Christopher Kurtz, July 12, 2001, ed. December 8, 2001)

I come only for you
I come only to lose
I come from somewhere distant and
I come from someplace lonely and tired.

See me in the doorway standing
See me with my arms uncrossed
See me totally revealing
See me I am lost

Will you still have the grace
Will you ever show your face
Will I ever look you in the
Eye. Will I ever be through and through true.

These are questions, only questions
Statements may be false
Leave my worries to the dust
And let the rain settle my thoughts

Shall I let myself be wandered
Shall I let myself be humbled and
Shall I cry for simple pain and
Cry tears for any fear that remains

Better Found
(Christopher Clymer Kurtz, March, June 2005)

You never liked the smell of cigarettes.
I guess it's good that I don't smoke.
Oh, I never did, I never did

You never thought you'd kiss me out in public;
Well, last night you did.
You gave us both the same surprise.
Oh, never thought you would, and now you did.

Sometimes you laugh at me ‘til we're crying.
Sometimes we both fall apart.

We like the thought of living in our sunny clothes,
our Sunday best.
As though two people don't get dirty.
Oh, but we get snappy; we get dirty.

The inside us is outside here
and somehow we don't seem to mind
A hiding place is better found
Oh, is better found, is better found

We seem to think the way to work this out
is work it out; just fine.
We'll work it out until it's gone.
But oh, we won't be gone; we won't be gone.

Cypress Street
(Maria Clymer, May 18, 2002)

Tossing and turning in my bed
I turn on the light, it's 3 AM
That cup of coffee has me wired
Can't go to sleep but I'm so tired

I've been thinking about the plans we've made
Replaying every word you said
Over and over, sifting through
Listening for a ring of truth

We go together or I go alone
What difference does it make
and how can I know
I've always said ignorance is bliss
But I'm aching for
the things that I've missed

We met for coffee on Cypress Street
The whole way there I was dragging my feet
What could I do, what could I say
To turn your fragile heart away?
My mind was set, my heart was hard
Until your kindness caught me off guard
I just wanted to be left alone
But that's when you said can I walk you home

Flap your wings and fly away
Believe me, I'll be okay
I would have stuck my head in the sand
If you hadn't reached out and caught my hand…

In fairy tales it goes without saying
Love at first sight and dragon slaying
Is easy as blackbirds baked in a pie
Nobody ever told me why
Spells aren't broken by a kiss
Killing dragons is hit-and-miss
Up in the tower I write my story
Nobody's gonna do it for me

Days Like Today
(Christopher and Maria Clymer Kurtz, June 2005)

On the map it's a 10-inch drive to Texas,
So close the wind might blow us there
Let's leave tonight and stop for tacos,
In a border town café, in a border town café somewhere.

Close the books, drop the ball......lock the doors, leave it all.
Leave the rent man scratching his head
Forget the tall grass growing, and the dishes in the sink,
hey it's time to ride.

On fine days like today I just can't stay,
I'm gonna catch the wind, I'm gonna sail away
Grab the guitars, jump in the car, and let's drive

Let's take a stripped out school bus, and make a little home
Hang sky-blue curtains in the windows
Every day a different kind of scenery outside
We'll see it with new eyes, we'll see it with new eyes

Carry no recollections, let's go collect some new ones,
We can find ourselves any old place getting lost
Open up the atlas, let it flap in the breeze,
let it flap in the breeze.

Let's find a cabin out in the middle of nowhere,
With a claw-foot tub out under the trees
Bed in the loft, granola homemade on the shelf
And we'll tarry there, we'll tarry there a while

On the map it's a 10-inch drive,
On the map it's a 10-inch drive,
On the map it's a 10-inch drive to Texas.

Empty Chair
(Christopher Kurtz, June 2, 2002)

In my house sits an empty chair
For as long as I remember
It's been used but never filled
And though it's aging it's just like new.

Where tired people come and rest and warm their fires
Where self and others come between themselves to see that
as the hours pass the day grows brighter
and as the years go past the days grow brighter.

You ought to see the troubled souls
Turn and greet the ones who just walked in
You'd never know it from the view
Everyone in here is just like you.

So maybe somebody will think we are crazy
Come closer, sing louder, hold your hands together.

Share Our Lives
(Christopher Kurtz, May 5, 2002)

I want to write a love song, one for you and me
To sing when we don't have too much to say,
but when we're feeling noisy
One to make the sun come out on grey days,
or make the rain come down
When we're out walking, just to have a reason to sing.

I want to write a song that you will come to love and feel
the way I always thought two people should share catchy songs
and chase each other then not let go and
take the time to write more songs to just sing them and
love them and share our lives

I want to write a novel, a long one,
one to let you see the world like I do
And then you can edit and put in your thoughts too
Then we'd have a good one, a real good one
And whether or not millions would read it
I'd know, and you'd know, just how things ought to be

Rarely do things happen like
I sometimes think they often should.
But should that keep us from wanting
what we maybe want for good (want for good)?

I want to write a song that you will come to love and feel
the way I always thought two people should share
country songs and kiss each other then not let go and
take the time to write more songs to just sing them and
love them and share our lives.
I want to write a song.

(Maria Clymer Kurtz, March 2005)

Hanging clothes on the line
stars debut on twilight's stage
secret hot in her pocket,
never knowing the glowing coal was rage

Fixing bikes, spinning wheels
whistling tunes and striking deals
have you seen which way he went
on a beat-up bike with a yellow tent?

Wobbling onto her feet,
trying not to tip the boat
here the water's green and deep
but she's never even learned to float

Sipping coffee cold
growing up and growing old
fold the laundry, turn the screws
plunge the paddle and wince at the morning news

Reaching out in the dark
afraid to collide
sparking, tumbling, heavens rumbling
left mumbling, stunned by the ride

What Do You Get
(Christopher Kurtz, September-October 2000)

I've got a ton of steel on my mind today
A feeling deep in my soul
But the beams of steel would melt away
If I only knew what I know
But what do you get when you know what's best
You better make up your mind, son,
better make up your mind

A mesh of wire and razors and bars
My time has come to cry
If my arms could take strength from my mind
I'd hardly have to try
Cause what do you get when you have to try
What happens when we try, son,
what happens when we try

A faded photograph of love,
a picture from outside
And all that keeps me company
are the souls of those that died
And what do you get when your friends are gone
What happens when they're gone, son,
what do you get when they're gone.