Arms Uncrossed

Arms Uncrossed traces vulnerability, love, regret, and the bittersweet best of times that make up the everyday ever after. ©2012

Available on CD from the band at gigs and here, and by download at Bandcamp, iTunes, Google Play,, and CDBaby.

1. Arms Uncrossed
2. Little
3. Making Salsa
4. Guardian Angel
5. Who You Are
6. Scarlett
7. Autumn Song
8. Turning Now
9. Old Folks Song
10. In Your Veins
11. Here

Songs ©2008-2011 by Christopher and Maria Clymer Kurtz
    except “Arms Uncrossed” ©2001, 2005 by Christopher
    Clymer Kurtz and “Over My Head” (African    
    American Spiritual).

Vocals: Maria and Christopher Clymer Kurtz, Craig Zook,
    Noemi Clymer Kurtz (“Over my Head”)
Guitars: Christopher Clymer Kurtz
Drums: Craig Zook    Drum Technician: Gabe Steelman
Bass and piano: Chad Altenberger

Recorded and produced by Chad Altenberger,  
    Errf Studio, Harrisonburg, Virginia.
Photography by Jennifer Murch (cover, band) and
    Christopher Clymer Kurtz (nights)