Behind Our New Songs

"The Day Is Happy" was inspired by Christopher's random philosophical thoughts about life and a poem by the Clymer Kurtz's five-year-old daughter. The poem, which shares the song's title and comprises the first half of the chorus, reads, "I am happy when we pass valleys and rivers. I am happy when I sing and pray."

"I Miss You" is a bit sentimental, perhaps (perhaps!), but we feel beautiful notwithstanding. Christopher wrote this when Maria had to be away from home a fair amount earlier this year, because he missed her. (Aww, shucks.)

Finally, the chorus for "Schedule Me Sad" is only slightly modified from Christopher's college-years version of the same title; the verses though reworked and reworked still convey pining lovesickness. This song features two other firsts for the band: Maria on recorder and tambourine both, although not at the same time.