Wake Up My Children

© 2014 by Christopher Clymer Kurtz

After midnight somebody’s knocking;
Don’t know what, but something’s happened.
Shadows dance my pounding heartbeat.
So much for feeling carefree.

I drag out of bed and to a window.
Clear my eyes; lies flying in the night; now
Tragedy. I thought things were calm
but it’s looking like a storm.

Nobody’d better wake my children
Nobody’d better wake my children
Devil do the good Lord’s willing.
Nobody’d better wake my children.

It’s just a scratch; nothing bad.
Dress the wound; head in the sand;
Whitewashed security.
Peaceful, easy prophecy.

Unseen rage in a fault line tremor
Gets much worse before it gets much better:
Rock bottom insanity,
And a cry from humanity.

We’re going to raise Cain like ghosts of Abel;
Mighty streams to smother the fire.
Never knew that we have it in us
Angels ready and willing for moments like this.

Somebody’s going to wake my children
Knock, knock: Wake up, my children
Took the devil to wake my children
Look out, ‘cause here come my children.