We’ll See

© 2014 by Christopher Clymer Kurtz

I’ve got time enough for dinner; I’ll take you someplace nice to eat.
How ‘bout I pick you up at seven. Candlelight and lemonade.
But you say nothing, just “We’ll see.”

Forecast calls for snow tomorrow. No work for you; I’ll be stuck at home.
Hey Baby, I’ll make us both some cocoa: marshmallows and falling snow.
But you say nothing, just “We’ll see.”

“We’ll see” just leaves me hanging, Baby
It’s like I’m bent over your knee
You know the question I am asking
So don’t tell me just “We’ll see.”

You said, when I said, “Hey, Baby.” You said, “Okay, when I say when.”
I said, “When you say so, Baby,” but my phone is silent in my hand.
Yeah, you said nothing, just “We’ll see.”

Here, let me bend over your knee
Just let me hear you say “We’ll see.”