I Miss You

© 2013 by Christopher Clymer Kurtz

When you said goodbye, and then your taillights paused,
We both breathed a sigh, and you kissed me.

You call me every night, ask about the mail.
See if we’re alright, tell the kids to sleep well.

And I miss you;
I want you back home.
And I miss you;
I’m no good at this alone.

I remember everything as I fall asleep:
I can see your heartbeat; I can feel you breathe.

Your headlights have no hesitation when I see them turning off the road.
You’re back, you’re home, it’s like the sun is rising on a new day:
Kisses sweeter for the coming home.

I missed you,
But I have you back home.
Let me kiss you;
So much better than alone