Peaches and Cream

© 2015 by Christopher Clymer Kurtz

I am peaches, I am cream.
I’m a good summer night’s dream.
I am everything ... that you want to be.
I am peaches, I am cream.
I’m the wind under the wings
Of your little aeroplane.
I am everything.

Remember? Don’t you remember?
How right I was when everyone else was so wrong, they were so wrong?
I’ll tell you; and you’ll remember.
That I was right when everyone else was so wrong,for so long.

Uh-oh, I swerved at the right time.
I saved me and you, and them, oh yeah--I saved everyone.
No one else saw it coming,
but I was alert, my mind was on fire, We could be smoke now.

Rise and shine (oh rise and shine)
I am so fine (I am so fine).

Don’t care, I don’t care at all
Picking your pockets, packing my purse like a bandit.
Don’t care, I don’t give a toss,
About heads or tails, What’s there to lose? You’re only fool’s gold.