© 2015 by Maria and Christopher Clymer Kurtz (*Adapted from Les Miserables by Victor Hugo; **“Love and Mercy” by Brian Wilson)

Ups and downs of a plastic ride; lights and music while you fly.
One small taste of a gateway drug is like one step off a bluff:

Foolish actions are composed of many threads, like a rope.*
Turn the lock and toss the key; this is a chain that keeps you free.

Run (Need to make it right, so could you)
Run (Hold me very tightly to you?)
Run (Everything I have, almost don’t, so)
Run (Don’t run.)

Your fragile tears, your arms are warm, “Love and Mercy”** in the storm.
Your quiet eyes are weather worn; blessed be this tie once torn.

Stories write what they can tell: dreams of heaven, tales of hell.
The glitter’s gone and both of us are on this carousel.