Sooner or Later

© 2016 by Christopher Clymer Kurtz (“Thank the Lord for the Night Time” by Neil Diamond; “Soak Up the Sun” by Sheryl Crow and Jeff Trott)

Everybody says, “You are wise
If you’re out of bed for the sunrise.
Hey little one now rise and shine!
Every single day is a surprise.”

Everybody says, “You are wise
If you make hay in the sunshine.
Take that door to the outside.
Every minute counts in the sunlight.”

Playing at saving the daylight. Get while the getting’s alright.
“Soak Up the Sun” in the daytime, chasing the dream and a good life.

Sooner or later the sun goes down. Turn off the lights on the runaround.
Savor every second before the sunrise, and “Thank the Lord for the Night Time.”

Trimming every day like a hemline,
Little bit of you, like a fine wine,
Downright happy in the moonlight.
Nighttime never looked so bright.