Former music radio host Mel Lee wrote that the Clymer Kurtz Band’s songwriting “has a high level of originality: lyrically, melodically and emotionally. Their vocal harmonies are striking, and their arrangements are fresh.” Later he added, “I don’t think they fit any easy categories, except that of excellence and artistic integrity.”

That’s become truer and truer, as the ongoing visionary depth effected in the band’s everyday sophistication is ever more intimately fueled by the touches of so many influences from country, choral, rock, jazz, bluegrass, a cappella, and folk music.

The bold nuance of their 2014 release Rain may have precipitated a new, electrified chapter in the quartet’s sound, but not at the expense of the textured harmonies and lyrically keen palette exposed on earlier albums Arms Uncrossed (2012) and Statements and Clues (2011). Those roots persist as the Clymer Kurtzes’ repertoire of increasingly expansive songwriting breathes musical drive and emotional complexity: fun and intensity, the daily and the whimsical, challenge and satisfaction -- and a smattering of hopeful detours.

Grounded since 2009 in the rural, small-town, and urban blend of Virginia’s fertile Shenandoah Valley, the Clymer Kurtz Band is comprised of songwriters Christopher Clymer Kurtz (vocals, acoustic and electric guitars) and Maria Clymer Kurtz (vocals, acoustic guitar, keys, percussion) along with Nick Hurst (vocals, bass) and Craig Zook (vocals, drums).