Better Found

© 2005 by Christopher Clymer Kurtz

You never liked the smell of cigarettes,
So I guess it’s good that I don’t smoke.
Oh, I never did, I never did.

You never thought you’d kiss me out in public;
Well, last night you did.
You gave us both the same surprise.
Oh, never thought you would, and now you did.

Sometimes you laugh at me ‘til we’re crying.
Sometimes we both fall apart.

We like the thought of living in our sunny clothes,
Our Sunday best,
As though two people don’t get dirty.
Oh, but we get snappy; we get dirty.

The inside us is outside here and somehow
We don’t seem to mind.
A hiding place is better found.
Oh, is better found, is better found.   

We seem to think the way to work this out is work it out.
Just fine;
We’ll work it out until it’s gone.
But oh, we won’t be gone; we won’t be gone.