Days Like Today

© 2005 by Christopher and Maria Clymer Kurtz

On the map it’s a ten-inch drive to Texas,
So close the wind might blow us there.
Let’s leave tonight and stop for tacos
In a border town café, in a border town café somewhere.

Close the books, drop the ball.
Lock the doors, leave it all.
Leave the rent man scratching his head.
Forget the tall grass growing
And the dishes in the sink; hey, it’s time to ride.

On fine days like today I just can’t stay.
I’m gonna catch the wind, I’m gonna sail away.
Grab the guitars, jump in the car, and let’s drive.

Let’s take a stripped-out school bus, and 
   make a little home,
Hang sky-blue curtains in the windows.
Every day a different kind of scenery outside,
We’ll see it with new eyes, we’ll see it with new eyes.

Carry no recollections.
Let’s go collect some new ones.
We can find ourselves any old place getting lost.
Open up the atlas, let it flap in the breeze, 
    let it flap in the breeze.

Let’s find a cabin out in the middle of nowhere,
With a claw-foot tub out under the trees.
Bed in the loft, granola homemade on the shelf.
We’ll tarry there, we’ll tarry there a while.