When Love Trumps War

© 2010 by Christopher and Maria Clymer Kurtz

I could start smoking just to make you mad;
Could get lung cancer just to make you sad;
Expensive funeral to spend your cash;
Gone with the wind, out of here in a flash.

Well, I could guzzle coffee every night;
Get my heart racing, talking overtime;
By two o’clock can’t keep your eyelids apart;
Too bad you gotta go to work tomorrow.

The trouble is I love you way too much,
And when we fight we know we’re gonna make up.
Sometimes a battle, sometimes a chore;
But all is fair, they say, when love trumps war.

I used to cook gourmet to win your love.
I used to buy you pretty flowers and stuff.
Turns out that romance found its way to our core;
The back story when love trumps war.

Love is for nothing if there’s nothing for love.
Every day’s another chance to give up.
But walking out wouldn’t mean that we’re free.
Toss out the lighter. Throw out the coffee.