Cypress Street

© 2002 by Maria Clymer

Tossing and turning in my bed
I turn on the light, it's 3 AM
That cup of coffee has me wired
Can't go to sleep but I'm so tired

I've been thinking about the plans we've made
Replaying every word you said
Over and over, sifting through
Listening for a ring of truth

We go together or I go alone
What difference does it make
and how can I know
I've always said ignorance is bliss
But I'm aching for
the things that I've missed

We met for coffee on Cypress Street
The whole way there I was dragging my feet
What could I do, what could I say
To turn your fragile heart away?
My mind was set, my heart was hard
Until your kindness caught me off guard
I just wanted to be left alone
But that's when you said can I walk you home

Flap your wings and fly away
Believe me, I'll be okay
I would have stuck my head in the sand
If you hadn't reached out and caught my hand…

In fairy tales it goes without saying
Love at first sight and dragon slaying
Is easy as blackbirds baked in a pie
Nobody ever told me why
Spells aren't broken by a kiss
Killing dragons is hit-and-miss
Up in the tower I write my story
Nobody's gonna do it for me