What Do You Get

© 2000 by Christopher Kurtz

I've got a ton of steel on my mind today
A feeling deep in my soul
But the beams of steel would melt away
If I only knew what I know
But what do you get when you know what's best
You better make up your mind, son,
better make up your mind

A mesh of wire and razors and bars
My time has come to cry
If my arms could take strength from my mind
I'd hardly have to try
Cause what do you get when you have to try
What happens when we try, son,
what happens when we try

A faded photograph of love,
a picture from outside
And all that keeps me company
are the souls of those that died
And what do you get when your friends are gone
What happens when they're gone, son,
what do you get when they're gone.