Writing the News

© 2006, 2009 by Christopher Clymer Kurtz

Some people walk and talk with God
Among the roses night and day;
Some take pills to stop the voices;
Who is what I cannot say.

I can’t say what will set you free 
   (your freedom’s not from me);
Don’t put me down as author of your creed.
Even so inside I bet that we’re
Connected in there somewhere, in there somewhere.

Some people say there are reasons for it all,
Why cancer kills and babies starve.
Like the guy who said, “Thank God,” 
   he sold his house before the market fell,
But that’s when I bought my place.

Writing the news, trying to right the blues;
We fashion our statements from the clues.
Liar! We don’t lie. Liar! Our tears and sweat go higher
Than the words that we may pray.