Arms Uncrossed

© 2001, 2005 by Christopher Kurtz/
Christopher Clymer Kurtz

I come only for you.
I come only to lose.
I come from somewhere distant and
I come from someplace lonely and tired.

See me in the doorway standing,
See me with my arms uncrossed,
See me totally revealing,
See me I am lost.

Will you still have the grace?
Will you ever show your face?
Will I ever look you in the
Eye? Will I ever be through and through true?

These are questions, only questions;
Statements may be false.
Leave my worries to the dust
And let the rain settle my thoughts

Shall I let myself be wandered?
Shall I let myself be humbled, and
Shall I cry for simple pain, and
Cry tears for any fear that remains?