In Your Veins

© 2011 by Maria and Christopher Clymer Kurtz

It’s not that daily life is overrated,
And you can’t imagine loving your kids more.
The job you’ve kept is hardly at the bottom,
But the here and now has lost its old allure.

All the times you have felt neglected,
And all the ways your life has let you down;
Sometimes you wake to find that you’ve been dreaming
Of being footloose ‘til you’re standing on the ground.

You think you want something that’s new,
Someone to gaze in your eyes of blue
And wonder how she lived this long without you.
You miss the thrill of fire and rain,
You crave the rush of romance in your veins, 

in your veins.

The days and years are piling up until they blur.
If all is vanity what are you living for?
Monotony spreads dust all over your big plans,
And you’re fingering the measure of your 

wedding band.

You almost grab the telephone
Call up a freshman high school flame from home.
They find you on the internet:
Memories, longing, and regret,
But you let them go; you let them go.