© 2008 by Christopher and Maria Clymer Kurtz

Early morning in the dark
Was born a tiny Christmas star.
Out of water into light,
Gift of wonder and delight.

Little like a drop of rain,
Little like a weather vane,
Little like a hurricane.
Little like a firefly,
Little like a waking sigh,
Little like the morning sky.

Until you fly with your own wings,
As we laugh and cry and sing,
God give us wisdom day by day
To help us help you find your way.

Your dancing eyes open so wide,
Your laughing voice, your winsome smile,
Your kicking legs, your waving arms:
You’ve won us over with your charms.

May your growing never cease;
May you walk the way of peace;
May you hear the still, small Voice;
In your Creator’s love rejoice.