© 2011 by Christopher and Maria Clymer Kurtz

Pedal along in the afternoon sun,
Little rise, little fall, little turn, almost home,
Little breeze in my face.

Soap suds bubble up in the sink,
Hot water frees my head to think,
Make things shine like new.

Not yesterday, not tomorrow,
Not three hours ago;
Red in the sky, rain on the window,
And a moment’s all we know.

Little girl spills her soup on the floor;
“Uh-oh. Can I have some more?”
I could either scream or smile.

Sunday hymns chill down my spine,
I know it’s time to toe the line.
Right now: Get up, shine.

Head hurts, eyes closed, 

Still in my bed clothes,
Wish I was outside.
Last chance? Don’t know. 

Goodbye, go slow,
Shadows in my eyes.