Les Mis

© 2013 by Christopher and Maria Clymer Kurtz
A retelling of Victor Hugo's Les Miserables

None for me, none for you, none for everyone;
Some for me, some for you, some for everyone.

There was nothing in my pocket,
just my papers and no plan.
I stumbled to a door I'd heard would let me in,
where in the dark my only option was to sin.

Two candlesticks, unstolen gifts;
red-handed robbery dismissed.
The old man whispered low, “Today I bought your soul.”
My hate was banished; living grace became my goal.

Deep inside I kept the score:
Justice a “fierce and frenzied ... roar.”
I prayed to God I’d never crumble or back down.
The guilty man would pay his dues when he was found.

A waiver written down in silver—
That criminal will meet his end.
One chance to give after another—
Only death can make amends.

Jean Valjean, mercy will meet you.
Javert, you chose a bitter end.
Your chance to live is now forever.
What less did you comprehend?