© 2013 by Christopher and Maria Clymer Kurtz

I’m the brimstone preacher
unsure how things are.
I’m the AA leader
in the back of the bar.
I don’t make perfect sense;
my life is no clean edge.
I’m the bluegrass picker
on electric guitar.

That’s how it is ... ragged.

I’m the one who’s crying
at the comedy.
I’m the coffee addict
at a British tea.
Sometimes I hum along,
but I don’t know the song.
I’m the baffled driver
up a one-way street.

Things just aren’t what they seem.
It’s not all about me.
I’m not trying to be lonely.
That’s how it is ... ragged

I’m the clown who’s smiling
but I’m acting a frown.
I’m the backstreet dealer
whose uppers let me down.
Sometimes I’m mystified;
I’m nowhere, though I’ve tried.
I’m the distance runner
already wearing out.